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Juan from Brownsville, Tx writes

Is Demon WP good for termites? If not, what product can I use to do it my self and save?

One of the walls of our dining area has some little holes, we noticed that they had like dirt and when we cleaned them, we left the little holes open, we saw them the first time about a month ago and now a second wall has the same little holes...they have to be termites!! I've used Demon WP all the time, I need to know if we can use it for these or if there's another product I can use for termites?


Demon WP is a great product for all other insects, but it is not the right product for termite control.  You need a termite specific product.  Also, termites require a much more involved treatment than just spraying around the house like what you would normally do with Demon WP for other insects.  We have an article that explains exactly what you need to do to perform a termite treatment.  It is called, "How To Do A Termite Treatment" and if you follow the instructions outlined in this article you will treat and protect your home from termites as good as any professional company could do.  It also recommends the product you should use, which is Dominion 2L.

Answer last updated on: 09/09/2011

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