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Jezenia writes

Is Drione dust toxic?

I am pregnant and we have bed bugs in our mattress (my cousin gave us her king size mattress) and now we have pests. I want to be able to keep the mattresses if we can get rid of these bugs.


Drione Dust is a very safe and non-toxic product, but like any other product or cleaning chemical you need to follow the instructions and use as directed.  You would want to apply the dust where you would not come into contact with it while sleeping.  You would be better off purchasing one of our bed bug proof mattress encasements.  Then you would not have to treat the mattress at all, once it was covered and enclosed any bed bugs that were on the mattress would not be able to get off and feed or move around. Bed Bug Control Articles Bed Bug Kits

Answer last updated on: 01/26/2010

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