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Maggie from Oregon writes

Is ExciteR Insecticide a good choice for a concentrate to eliminate a wasp nest?

What spray that is in a concentrated form, not aerosol, would be best?


There are not a lot of options that we typically recommend as a contact kill in a concentrated form that you would put in a pump sprayer. Most nest eliminating products would be in the form of an aerosol to kill that nest instantly. Or if the nest is in an eave of a home using a dust like Tempo 1% Dust is always a great way to get the wasps to carry the product back to the nest as well. For a contact kill only in a concentrated form, you would go with something like ExciteR Pyrethrin Concentrate. You could then follow up the nest areas around the home with a residual like Tempo SC Ultra or Cyonara 9.7 to help keep them from being a continuous problem throughout the season. 

Answer last updated on: 08/06/2015

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