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Adel writes

Is Final Blox efficient against field mice infestation? I have already purchased 18 lbs without any result.

I also have squirrels and rabbits near by my house, and I suspect that they're sharing this food with them. I wish for some help in this regard, or if you have other products for field mice.


Voles, also known as field mice, go through periods where their numbers suddenly explode. During these times a property that normally only has 50 or so voles can suddenly have 1,000 voles. If the voles on your property are going through this type of population explosion, keeping up with their numbers can be daunting. Final Blox will kill voles if they are indeed eating it but you must always keep the bait available. You need to keep applying the bait or switch to a bait that works a bit faster such as Fastrac Blox. Be sure to place the bait into tamper resistant bait stations to avoid having non-target animals ingest the bait. Place the bait stations directly into the travel paths that the voles have made. For more tips please take a few moments to read our article on Vole Control.

Answer last updated on: 04/12/2011

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