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Christian from Jacksonville, Fl writes

Is Flea Stoppers ok to use around a baby that crawls on carpet?

I have a baby that is 8 months old and may put his mouth on the carpet and the couches in the living room. After it is vacuumed, would it pose a threat to a baby? We have a very small problem seeing about 2 ticks so far in the house from our cat. We want to stop any expansion of the ticks but fear any adverse risks on the baby.


Children should not be in the area that was treated with Flea Stoppers until the entire application is complete. Flea Stoppers is not labeled for ticks, fleas only. Temprid Ready Spray would be a better option for you. It is labeled for ticks, as well as various other pests as well. This can be broadcast across the carpet and furniture. Once the product is dry, it is safe for your baby to crawl on the floor.

Answer last updated on: 01/20/2015

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