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Jim writes

Is Goosechase colorless or will it stain my balcony?

I would like to use this product to deter pigeons from roosting on my balcony. I am also wondering if it has a strong smell to humans.


Goose chase is a bittering agent that renders food sources unpalatable and inedible to geese, ducks and mallards . The bird must taste the food that Goose Chase has been applied to for the product to work. Goose Chase does not repel the birds away from an area but rather away from certain food sources that have been treated with the product. You can use the 4 The Birds Gel on railings and ledges to stop pigeons from roosting in those areas. 4 The Birds Gel is applied with a caulking gun and makes the surface uncomfortable for the birds to roost on.

Answer last updated on: 04/15/2010

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