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Christy from La Vernia, Tx writes

Is it feasible to cover 2 acres with Talstar PL? Will it affect drinking water if using an underground well?

Have tons of Scorpions and am willing to do anything to get rid of them. I am looking at using Talstar PL Granules for outside acre treatment coupled with Demon WP for outside home and foundation in addition to Demand SC for indoor spraying.


Talstar PL Granules do not move through the soil when applied according to the product label and no precautions are listed on the product label concerning wells. It is feasible to apply Talstar PL granules over the entire acre though it is probably not necessary. We recommend that you concentrate on areas where the scorpions would be most likely to harbor. Scorpions reside hidden in cracks, voids and other hidden areas during the day and are active at night. Resting areas can be identified at night using a blacklight flashlight such as the Scorpion Hunter flashlight and the scorpions will fluoresce. These areas should be treated. You should also remove trash, debris, or firewood that scorpions may be harboring in. Using the Talstar granules in your yard will also help to get rid of other insects which of course are the scorpions' food source. Removing or eliminating the scorpions' food source and reducing their harborage sites will make your property less favorable to this pest.

Answer last updated on: 10/12/2011

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