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Mark from San Diego Ca. writes

Is it good to mix Bifen I/T with Boracare?

Using for termites, dry-wood & subterranean.


You can not mix Bifen I/T with Boracare and there would be no reason to with the areas you are treating. Mixing the two products together can reduce the effectiveness of the ingredients and Bifen could hinder the penetration of the wood of the Boracare. If you are treating for Drywood Termites you would treat the raw wood directly with Boracare at either a 1:1 ratio for active infestation or 5:1 for preventative and allow the wood to dry. The Boracare will last for the life of the wood to protect it from future infestations of wood destroying insects and wood destroying fungus. If you are treating for subterranean termites, you could use Bifen I/T for a treatment around the foundation but a better product would be a non-repellant termiticide like Termidor which would last twice as long in the soil and has a transfer effect to spread to the entire colony. If you already have Bifen you could use it to do a direct spot treatment on a colony in a wall void but for the soil treatments Termidor would be a better solution. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Answer last updated on: 07/15/2013

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