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Cindi from Cocoa, Fl writes

Is it okay for me to use Phantom in places other than cracks and crevices?

I know it says on the label to use in voids, cracks, crevices and spot treatment, but the places the ants are coming from are beneath my baseboards. Is it okay for me to spray along the baseboards around the house, including the living room and kitchen? And when it says use in a well ventilated area, do I need windows open or can I just blast my air-conditioner and turn on the fans after application? ( By the way, I find your site extraordinarily informative, I really love it! )


You can spray the bottom of the baseboards with Phantom but do try to aim for the cracks at the bottom of the baseboards where the ants are emerging. Most homes are pretty well ventilated but if yours is not then you should indeed open a window for a few minutes while you are applying the product. We appreciate the compliment on our website!

Answer last updated on: 05/23/2012

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