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Christy from Leonard, Tx writes

Is it safe for chickens to eat dead insects killed by tempo? Is it safe to eat their eggs?

Will it hurt chickens to eat grasshoppers that were killed with Tempo? if so, is it safe to eat their eggs when they start laying? We have a grasshopper infestation, and bought chickens to help control. However, there are so many grasshoppers, we will have to also use tempo in areas away from the chicken coop. We plan to eat the chicken eggs when they start laying. We have friends who are interested in buying eggs from us.


Unless the chickens are consuming the Tempo directly there should be no effect on the bird or their eggs. Once the product has dried, it only has a toxicity level of that to kill something as small as an insect. The insect walks across it, picks up a little bit on their feet/bodies and ingests it as they groom themselves. For there to be even a chance of your chicken having any effect from the tempo on the grasshopper, they would have to eat at least their weight worth in grasshoppers that have died from it.

Answer last updated on: 05/28/2013

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