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Lucia from Jersey City, Nj writes

Is it safe to keep my bagged clothes in my bedroom closet when using Nuvan ProStrips?

I put Nuvan into large garbage bags, then twisted and sealed with duct tape. This is my bagged dry cleaning clothing. Then I put the bags in my bedroom closet, though I do open the closet occasionally. Is this safe? I hear different opinions and am nervous. I hope it's ok; saving me thousands in dry cleaning if it is.


Yes, as long as the bags themselves are not being opened during the treatment process, you can store the sealed bags in your closet with no problem. The only time you normally hear of people advising against this, is because you normally want as little clutter in a closet or closet floor as possible if treating for bed bugs so that way they have no folds to hide in other than where you have the chemical residuals left behind. 

Answer last updated on: 09/13/2014

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