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Phyllis writes

Is Niban Granular bait safe to use?

As a person who is chemically sensitive, I am considering using Niban Granular Bait (recommended by a pest control company). I know that boric acid is completely safe if used as recommended, but since it is only 5% of the product, I really need to know that the other 95% is safe.


Your question and concerns are valid.  Niban Granular Bait is our most popular bait though because it is so safe.  The 95% other ingredients are just food products, which is the part of the bait that attracts the insects.  The 5% boric acid is the only part of the bait that kills the insect.  Many pest control companies use Niban Bait as part of their natural pest control program because it is such a safe and easy to use product.

Answer last updated on: 08/15/2009

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