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Steve writes

Is Phantom safe for rugs?

We just had our house treated with phantom professionally. They were pretty liberal with spraying the rugs. I read in 1 question that the pest control company sprayed the walls & the answer said they couldn't comment, yet on another question, they said it was NOT an area spray. I'm not clear whether this company was thorough or incompetent. Can we no longer lay on the floor? Is our 2 year old daughter who plays around on the floor in any danger after this stuff dries?


Phantom is a pretty safe product for use indoors when it is used according to the product label. Phantom is not labeled for use as a broadcast or area spray and it is supposed to be kept in cracks and crevices in order to limit skin contact. Please take a few minutes to read over the Phantom product label so that you can better understand the difference between thorough and off label uses. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of Phantom to address any risk concerns you may have: BASF at 843-849-7349

Answer last updated on: 08/15/2011

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