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Robert from Statesboro writes

Is September too late to use Dismiss South Herbicide for post emergent control for goosegrass? I am treating 2 acres.

I am wondering if goosegrass dies in the winter like crabgrass, could I wait until April to apply a pre emergent?


Dismiss South Herbicide works best when weeds are young actively growing typically in June, July and August. Goosegrass is going to die off in the winter similar to crabgrass however we would recommend applying a pre emergent in late fall for early control of winter weeds and the following spring. Fall pre emergents should be applied when soil temps reach 70 degrees and continue to drop. Spring pre emergents need to be applied when soil temps begin to rise and are just under 55 degrees.  View our Goosegrass Prevention Guide and Treatment Guide for more information.  

Answer last updated on: 09/15/2021

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