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Daniel writes

Is SureKill Total Release Aerosol a propellant or non repellent? And does it work with German cockroaches?


SureKill Total Release Aerosol is considered more of a repellent insecticide only because it can be detected. Though it is a fogger only to kill on contact those insects out in the open at the time you use it and there is no residual.  It would not be recommended alone for roach infestations, only to use when you need to knockdown a high population out in the open.  

One of our roach control kits would be recommended for roach control. These professional kits includes non-staining, low odor concentrated insecticide for spraying the outside perimeter of the home and inside underneath appliances, behind cabinets, under toilets and sinks, etc. You'll also get Roach Bait Gel to help get rid of those roaches that like to hide. Baits can be applied up high in the kitchen in the corner of cabinets and in cracks and crevices in kitchens and bathrooms. The bait contains a slow-acting poison that attracts and kills feeding roaches, who also spread the bait to other roaches by contact or by sharing food. Finally, an Insect Growth Regulator is offered which will stop roaches from laying eggs, helping to halt the infestation. The combination of an IGR with roach bait is a highly effective roach control strategy that is widely used by pest control professionals. The insecticide must be applied with a 1 gallon pump sprayer.

Here is a link to a great article that really goes into depth in explaining a roach control program.

Here is a link to our roach control kits and sprays.


Answer last updated on: 12/16/2020

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