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Fran from Pittsburgh, Pa writes

Is Suspend Polyzone effective for treating for clothes moths?

We have clothes moths now in several rooms in our home. We are in the process of emptying all of our closets of all clothes, inspecting them (found almost no damage from them), etc., and then sealing them in airtight containers. We then want to treat along all walls and corners in both carpeted and bare wood floors. We can't tell if they are in the carpets or not, so want to treat them around edges.


Suspend Polyzone  can help control clothing moths if it is sprayed on infested areas which is cracks and crevices around rooms, under rugs etc. The most important part of clothes moth control is finding the source and thoroughly cleaning the item(s) or disposing of the item(s) all together. Failure to do so will lead to poor results. Clothes moth eggs generally hatch out within 10 days during warmer temperatures and two weeks or longer during colder temperatures. Spraying a second time will help kill the adults but unless the larva are targeted you may continue to need additional treatments. Please take a moment to read our article How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths to learn more about this pest.

Answer last updated on: 04/05/2019

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