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Carol from Atlanta, Ga writes

Is Talstar P safe to spray on painted brick?

I have a deck that gets a LOT of roaches in it in warm weather months. (live in GA) Looking for paint safe insecticide to spray on exterior walls


If you are spraying porous surfaces you would want to choose a product such as Demon WP. It will stay on the surface of porous areas allowing insects to come in contact with it a bit better. That being said, Demon WP also leaves a white powdery residue that is visible on dark surfaces. Talstar P is a concentrated liquid that is odorless, dries clear and is labeled for a huge variety of insects and areas making it a bit more versatile. If you need to spray plants, trees and siding Talstar P would be a great choice. For control of larger roaches outdoors, you will usually see best results using a granule bait for the insects applied in areas such as under decks and porches and around landscaping. Niban Granular Bait is a great option for this application.

Answer last updated on: 03/26/2021

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