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A from Norphlet Ark writes

Is Tempo 1% dust good for killing flea and ticks as well? If not what products do you recommend to go with it?

We live out in the country and have wood bees out front as well as wasps. Our back yard seems to be covered with fire ants (actually there are several huge fire ant beds between us and our next door neighbor where there is approx. 200 ft or less between us) Recently while mowing my husband said hornets were popping out of the tall grass . We also have fleas, ticks, and wasps can Tempo 1% Dust get rid of all these or is there something better? Or is there another product that can be used with Tempo 1%? We live in Southern Ark/LA Thank you for your help We are desperate. PS. Product must be pet safe we have a small Chihuahua


Tempo 1% Dust would work great on the wasps and hornets if you have located the ground nest but isn't ideal for outdoor control of fleas, ticks, or fire ants. As for the fleas, ticks, and fire ants, the Talstar XTRA granules would be a fantastic broad spectrum insecticide with a 3 month residual and quick knockdown.

Answer last updated on: 05/25/2014

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