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Mary from Phoenix, Az writes

Is Tempo dust good for puffing into wall voids for bed bugs? Also how does it kill? Do bugs ingest it?

I've done two complete treatments Suspend SC with Gentrol everywhere and Phantom aerosol between carpet and the baseboard. Thought it wouldn't hurt to drill holes in wallboard and puff into voids, too before doing another complete spray.


Tempo dust is a great product for bed bug control and your plan of action would be advised because dust can last up to a year inside wall voids.  The Bed Bugs do not ingest the dust.  If you were to look at a dust product under a microscope, it would look like shards of glass.  When an insect, including bed bugs, walks over dust, the jagged edges cut the insects exoskeleton which results in the insect dehydrating and dying.  The exoskeleton of an insect holds in moisture and if compromised, the insect will die very quickly.

Answer last updated on: 09/09/2011

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