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Rob from Archbald, Pa writes

Is Tenacity Herbicide a permanent fix or an annual one?

I have an acre of property and I have clover and crabgrass in different areas of the yard. I'm interested in getting rid of these annoying weeds. If I do the 2 applications starting in the spring and early summer, how often do I have to reapply these chemicals? Every year? Every 2 years? Spot treat?


Unfortunately, there is no herbicide that will get rid of weeds permanently. Tenacity Herbicide, like other herbicides, can be applied up to 3 times a year, at 2 to 3 week intervals, on a yearly basis as long as you do not go over the max annual rate per area. It does only last up to 30 days as a pre-emergent application. It may be possible to eventually see reduction of weeds but keep in mind that the elements as well as birds can eventually introduce new weed seeds into your yard.

Answer last updated on: 03/24/2021

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