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Courtney from Long Beach, Ca writes

Is the Roach Control Kit okay to use if I have only seen two roaches?

Just moved into an apartment. Manager stated apartment had been empty for three months. Once I moved in I found 10-12 dead roaches in the kitchen and 3-5 in the bathroom. I cleaned them all out and have been in the apartment about a week. I ordered the "Roach Control Kit #1" as soon as I moved in. It just arrived yesterday and so far I have been in the apartment a week and have only seen 2 alive roaches (both in kitchen). I have yet to unpack the kitchen as I wanted to do bug control first so I bleached everything down and left the cabinets and drawers bare. My question is... Since I have only seen two live roaches will I be attracting more roaches by using the roach control kit? Should I not put down the bait and gentrol? I don't want to make my problem worse.


You can use the Roach Control Kit#1 even if you have only seen a couple of roaches. You should limit the amount of bait you place and only put it in the rooms where you have seen activity. The Gentrol Point Source can be invaluable to a roach control program and can be used year round to control any invading roaches and stop breeding before it starts. Place one out for every 75 sq ft in your apartment.

Answer last updated on: 01/24/2013

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