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Rustam from Sunnyvale, Ca writes

Is there a better tool/key to open the rodent bait stations?

On one hand, I am impressed by the design of the bait station which makes it almost impossible for a child or domestic animal to open, is well designed for convenience of placing & holding the bait and still not a terribly ugly sight in the yard. On the other hand, it would be nice if the "key" had more leverage available to open the station, a longer handle would do the trick. It required some dexterity in holding the station, opening it for first time use and snapping it shut because the key has little leverage in opening the snap locks which are tight and rightly so. This is a concern I have for the time I have to refill the station after the rodents have been at it. Also it would be nice if there was a transparent window to see if any of the bait had been eaten or not. I would like to add that both on this and prior purchases of different products I find the knowledge, helpfulness, friendliness of the staff can be used as a role model for customer service; and of course as importantly the products work too. Thanks a bunch.


We appreciate your kind words about our customer service staff...we always aim to please!  As far as the key to the stations, we agree that they could be improved.  Unfortunately we are not the manufacturer and have little control over how they make the keys.  These stations are made for professionals in mind which is why the key is small and has a hole in it which is to keep on a technicians key chain that works for a company.  Also, many of the stations are not made with see through lids because when a company installs them around someones house or commercial building, they do not want a rodent to die inside and have homeowners or customers see it.  Since we only sell professional products that is one thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturer is intending them to be used by professionals and they are not made with all of the instructions and aesthetic qualities that something meant for over the counter use for homeowners may have.

Answer last updated on: 10/02/2011

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