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Douglas from Street, Maryland writes

Is there a difference between "voles" and "meadow voles"?

I'm confused since there is a discrepancy in the description of Contrac and in a question/answer from Mike in Caseyville, Il. In the description of Contrac it includes "meadow voles", yet in your response to Mike, you say to use Kaput. Which is preferred? We have been using Kaput and it is being eaten, but not sure of its effectiveness, since they seem to keep eating the bait. However, we may have a large infestation and it will take some time to eliminate all of them. Do you still recommend the Kaput over Contrac?


The question you are referring to may be outdated, so we will be sure to look into that.  Contrac previously was not labeled for voles at all, but the labeling has changed in the past couple of years to include meadow voles (the most common vole species) in addition to rats and mice.  Before this change was made, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait and Kaput Combo Mini Blocks were the only rodent baits that we carried that were labeled for voles.  Either Kaput or Contrac will work to eradicate voles, but as you said, if the population is very large, complete control will take some time.  It is a good idea to continue to make the bait available as long as the voles are still eating it.  We have a vole control guide on our site here that may be helpful. 

Answer last updated on: 12/22/2016

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