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Elsie from United States writes

Is there is a product that can be painted on new oak trees coming up in my lawn to kill them?

to kill these small oak trees.


We are not familier with a product that can be "painted" onto Oak trees. Applying chemicals by spraying or spreading them over freshly cut oak tree stumps is referred to as “cut-stumping.” Frilling is a technique in which chemicals are squirted into cuts made toward the base or in the stump of the tree. Chemicals may also be applied through injection. Herbicides and growth regulator chemicals, such as amitrole, dicamba, imazapyr, metsulfuron, picloram, triclopyr are used to kill oak trees. Herbicide compounds such as glyphosate are effective for killing oaks late in the growing season.  These chemicals can pose a risk to other plants in your landscape. To verify that which product is recommended for you, please contact your local master gardener.

Answer last updated on: 05/15/2013

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