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Jim writes

Is there really anything that will work on eliminating bed bugs?

We've been battling bedbugs (and possibly mites) for nearly a year now. We have used pyrethroid type products like jt eaton kills bedbugs, d-force, temprid sc, temp dust and recently demand. Also used were de and phantom. Except for the dusts and phantom, they were applied every 1-2 weeks for several applications before attempting something different. I can't comment on demand since it was applied recently but none of these products has eliminated the infestation. Phantom and tempo dust worked best but the bites persist. Many are supposed to have great results but haven't seen this and these were applied as directed. Is there a product available that will work without costing a small fortune? Thanks


The products you have used are all very effective on bedbugs which of course leads us to a couple of questions. Are you in a house or an apartment? Have you had the bedbugs professionally identified? Why do you think you may also have mites? Have you had the mites professionally identified? Are you actually seeing the insects or just noticing the bites? If you do see the insects where are you seeing them? Do you see any evidence of bedbugs (cast skins, blood spots, feces) and if so, where? Are you treating the entire home? Whenever we hear of a person that has treated their home over and over again with professional products and they are not seeing any relief we know that there is a problem with the treatment program and we must figure out what the problem is so we can help the person get on a proper course of action.

Answer last updated on: 08/29/2011

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