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Bedi writes

Is this product FLAMMABLE, COMBUSTIBLE? Can it be use in walls and celing around Gas Fireplace?

Looks like we have nesting that shares the two walls behind our gas corner fireplace and wood mantel. The ants trail up and down the exterior concrete and under the hardy siding. Recently they were up and down the inside wall at the same time others were flying out of the crown molding. There is fras adjacent the fireplace on the left wall, off about two feet with an outlet above it. It must be a mature nest. We caulked crown area off to keep them from flying out (disgusting), so they are in the two walls meeting in the corner and the above ceiling near a recessed light that focuses on the fireplace. Now that we know where they are, can we use this product? What's recommended??? Fireplace is on year round and get hot in that corner. How longs does this product last and will we blow our house up using it???


Alpine PT Insecticide is not meant to be stored or used near heat or open flames.

Do not expose to temperatures above 130 degrees F. If you are wanting to use this product around that fireplace, we would recommend not using it while the fireplace is running or while the gas is on. It is only a contact kill so there is no residual. Also, we would not recommend spraying directly into the fireplace as well. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Answer last updated on: 08/01/2014

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