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Mike writes

Is your Advion Bait counterfeit or old?

Hi. I am comparing a new Advion tube to an old tube. I've read the tubes are no longer dated, however the newer tube I have is ever so slightly lighter in the all around color scheme. The code on the insert vs the code on the tube do not match, either. The insert reads: SCP 1484A-L1B 0414 4041019 The tube reads: SCP 1484A-L2B 0414 4093374 Is this normal or am I just being paranoid? Thanks in advance.


Any Advion Cockroach Gel Bait that is purchased from our company will be fresh non counterfeit stock as we get it directly from the manufacturers supplier. You can actually call Syngenta themselves and they will advise to purchase through our company as they know we do not allow anything other than fresh correct stock to move through our warehouse. The counterfeit Advion that has circulated online was sold primarily on Amazon and other non reputable sites. The SCP number you are referring to has nothing to do with when the batch was produced. Those are codes for the labels themselves of when they were last updated or printed for the product. The old tubes of Advion had a specific release date shown. They now come with a code on the tube itself that will look along these lines: ABW9C29025. The first 3 letters will usually be "ABW" which can be ignored as this corresponds to the facility the batch was produced in. The next number is for the last digit of the year it was produced. For 2018 this would be ABW8 for example. To indicate the month it was produced, the letter after the year in the code would be in alphabetical order if January = A, February = B. So a Lot of ABW8B would be produced in February of 2018. Advion baits are good for 5 years if stored properly. 

The color of each batch will vary slightly due to temperatures used during the manufacturing process and the inert ingredients and where they are derived. Should you find some with a wildly different color, you can always submit a photo to us for us to review and look into. 

Answer last updated on: 01/15/2021

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