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James from San Jose, Ca writes

I've used Niban around the foundation where I've actually seen ant trails and they seem to not be interested....

Is there a better way of applying this material?


Ants change their nutritional needs frequently. This means that one day they may only forage for proteins, like the Niban granules you put out and another day they may forage for carbohydrates like bait gels or liquids. We recommend leaving the granules in place and allow the ants to continue their natural foraging and in time they will eat the bait. It is important not to disturb the ant trails or nests while putting out the bait or the ants could ignore the bait. Do not sprinkle the bait onto mounds or into the middle of trails. Simply put the bait near where you see activity.

Answer last updated on: 06/01/2012

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