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Robert writes

I just sprayed with Cyper WP to eliminate wasps and hornets. What should I see happening?

I just sprayed with Cyper WP around my house and deck. When I sprayed a couple nests with Cyper WP, it didn't seem to effect the wasps at that time. I came back about a half hour later, and I didn't see them around the nest (nor flying around the deck). It appears to have eliminated them. Is this what should happen? I guess that I would have expected the wasps to immediately drop when I sprayed them directly with the Cyper WP. Thank you!


Cyper WP does not offer an instant knockdown even if it is sprayed directly on the wasp. Cyper WP will however kill the wasp after just a few minutes. What you saw happen is exactly the way the product was intended to work. If you want an immediate knock down you should choose a product that contains the active ingredient pyrethrins such as Wasp Freeze. Wasp Freeze will give an almost instant knockdown but will not give you residual protection

Answer last updated on: 08/11/2010

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