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Kevin from Westmoreland, Tn writes

Killing willow stumps on pond dam with Ferti-lome Brush Killer and Stump Killer

Can this be used to kill willow stumps on pond dam and not contaminate the water? Massive root system goes out in water remain after cutting trees in the fall. Stumps are less than 4 inches in diameter.


Killing stumps/trees which have roots that run into water areas can be tricky. Most stump killer products do not address aquatic life safety from indirect applications that could impact them, so we couldn't say for certain if applying just to the fresh cut of the stump, if the Fertilome Brush and Stump Killer would have a negative impact. You can always contact the manufacturer directly to see if they have any specific use instructions they would suggest for that application. You can reach VPG at 888-583-5296, An alternative option to try would be using aquatic plant killing products like Roundup Aquatic or Hi Yield 2,4D which may take multiple treatments, but are safe for aquatic life whether the product gets into the water directly or indirectly. 


Answer last updated on: 04/09/2021

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