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Koppert Biological Systems

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Koppert Spidend (Feltiella acarisuga) 550 ml
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This bottle contains 250 Feltiella acarisuga. These predatory gall midges effectively controls two spotted spider mites.

Koppert Swirski-Mite (Amblyesius swirskii) 500 ml
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A great and natural way of eliminating unwanted thrips and whiteflies on ornamental and field crops.

Koppert Terranem (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora) 2 x 250 Million
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This 2 bag set contains 250 million Heterorhabditis bacteriophora larvae (worms) per bag. These nematodes (EPNs) effectively controls various species of beetles (grubs).

Koppert Thripex (Neoseiulus cucumeris) Bucket (52039)
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The bucket contains 500,000 predatory mites that effectively eliminates and stops the spread of spider mites, various types of thrips and several other mites.