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Joanne from Bedford, Virginia writes

Label says apply in July-Oct. for grubs. Why?

I have grubs, fleas and ticks. I wanted an "all in one" like the nematodes, as they are hard to find. Why can't I use this now for grubs as well as ticks/fleas?


The reason the Bonide Insect & Grub Control is best applied in late summer/early fall is do to the effectiveness of the product on the insect that time of year. Adult beetles usually lay eggs in early summer, and the grubs will be small in these months, making them easier to control because they are more susceptible to treatments. It is tough to know when to apply grub control products, it would be worth your time to try to identify the species of scarab beetle larvae that is infesting your lawn in order to figure out exactly when the grubs will be at their most vulnerable and controllable state. For example, with Japanese beetle grubs, applying in late July or August will help to suppress new grub population. When to treat for grubs, generally, late summer is best. Spring applications will not be effective grub killers.  Using a granules such as Demand G Granules will help with the fleas, ticks and grub supression. Please refer to the product label for directions. 

Answer last updated on: 04/06/2015

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