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Lava-Lor Granular Bait

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    DA BOMB!!!

    By Bud on 12/12/2018

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    This is a new product that Zoecon came out with. I talk to the Zoecon rep at the NPMA Convention this year in Florida. I have an apartment complex that has roaches bad in a few apartments. I used this in the main apartment causing all the issues and the other units. Set the granular bait in 2 RTU bait stations, came back in a week and the bait was practically gone, roaches were STILL feeding on it as I opened the stations. I HIGHLY recommend this product for ANY infestation of roaches. Its affordable and IT WORKS!!!

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    Lava-Lor...Kills Roaches and more...

    By Tara on 09/21/2018

    We used the bait both indoors - crack and crevice areas near the back of our restaurant near the kitchen and outdoors along the perimeter. We sprinkled the granules along outside brick work as well in some grassy areas and near dumpsters - basically anywhere we felt roaches or crickets would get inside. A day later we were sweeping up roaches before the restaurant opened. We have been checking and reapplying every few days. Will probably purchase a larger size next time.

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    Does not work well on texas roaches

    By Tommy on 03/14/2020

    I have a customer who specifically does not have his inside sprayed and instead has me bait interior and attic. last couple times i used niban (which worked great) but this most recent time i used lava lor. i normally see roach droppings in the stations that i set out every time i visit this customer... in 2 stations there was NOTHING. No droppings or dead roaches in the nearby area. i even went in the attic where i placed a glueboard with this stuff on the glueboard and it caught 2 ONLY TWO roaches in 3 months. I dont even think the bait helped i think they just got stuck on the large glueboard walking aruond... i give it 3 stars because i think it might still be good for silverfish. Not entirely sure tho.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)