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Lawn Disease Treatment and Control

By DoMyOwn staff

Lawn diseases can not only make your yard unsightly, but they can also kill them. In this video we will show you the basics you can do to treat and prevent lawn disease.

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Video Transcript

The most important factor in treating a lawn disease is timing. Identifying and treating early can save your lawn.

Be sure to purchase a fungicide that is specifically formulated for the lawn disease you are treating. However, you may want to rotate the fungicides that you use based on their active ingredients. Using a variety of active ingredients will prevent the disease from growing immune to a specific active ingredient.

Although it is most important to apply fungicide to the contaminated areas, applying to the entire lawn can help prevent the disease from spreading to healthy portions.

If symptoms persist you may want to apply multiple times, but be sure to reference the product label to see how often you should apply and verify what your lawn can tolerate.

 If you begin treatment after the lawn disease has done too much damage, it may be best to start preventative measures to ensure the disease does not return the following spring. Look for a preventative fungicide to help with this. 

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