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Barbara from Southern California writes

I live in So Cal and have ants inside that seem to like grease (not sugar).

What is the best way to get rid of them?


Its sounds as if you are treating for Grease Ants, which are also known as Thief Ants. Since Grease Ants (aka Thief Ants) usually have nests indoors and outdoors, we recommend doing a complete inspection to try and locate the nest. You will want to treat both the inside and outside of the home to fully treat for Grease Ants. Examples of outdoor nesting sites can be: under rocks, around walkways, in rotting wood and exposed soil. Treating the perimeter of the home with Termidor SC 1ft up and 1ft out from the structure is recommended since Termidor SC lasts for 6 months when used for ant control. Indoors nesting sites can include under countertops, in wall and cabinet voids, and behind baseboards. Thief ants are also known for building nests very close to, if not inside the nests of other ants, from whom they steal their food. Protein or grease baits seem to be the most accepted by Greast Ants, but they will sometimes switch over to a sweet-feeding cycle for a time. We recommend using our Complete Ant Kit on the inside of the home to meet both nutritional needs of the ants.  Please read our How to control Thief Ants Article here:

Answer last updated on: 12/31/2014

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