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Scott from Broadway, Va writes

Live in VA. Noticed browning in the lawn in different areas.

Snow is just about gone. Live in Central VA. Worked very hard to get the lawn the way it was is now. Additional question just popped into my cranium. Since the lawn has been somewhat dormant due to the light winter and only a few light snows, (Knock on Wood), is it possible this is not 'Brown Patch' at all? Happy to send you a few photos if you would like. Please let me know. Thank you. Scott Wisinski


If it's still cold, we recommend to wait to make an application of Bayer Advanced Fungus Control For Lawns RTS or any other fungicide. Brown pack is a disease that can affect warm season grasses and it can remain active until the grass goes dormant so it can be possible for it to be another disease.  If you need assistance with an identification, we recommend to contact your local extension office and request to speak to the master gardener. They are more familiar with your area and may be better at helping identify what the issue is.

How to find your local cooperative extension office.

Answer last updated on: 02/14/2021

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