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Karen from Bratenahl, Ohio writes

Midge Control

We have swarms of millions of midges that look like massive clouds. they stick to your house get into the house th rough the screens and cover the car. Is there anything I can spray to destroy this mass invasion before it happens besides keep lights down. It is awful.


Biting midges do generally not enter structures, but midges are small enough to get through 16 mesh screens. Getting mesh screens with a higher number can keep these and other very tiny insects out of your home. Since non-biting midges are attracted to lights, draw your shades at night and wait as long as possible to turn on exterior lights to keep them away from your home. It is nearly impossible to affect the habitat of these pests, and pesticides are not recommended to control these pests in water or mud.

Our experts recommend using a pyrethrin spray such as 565 Plus or Microcare to get rid of the adult midges in or around your home. Spraying a product such as Tempo SC Ultra on window screens, doors, bushes, and plants around your home can act as midge repellant to keep midges away. Citronella candles or oils can act as a midge repellant, but aren’t as effective when used alone.

Answer last updated on: 05/18/2015

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