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Klaas from Wagener, Sc writes

More or less water per acre for Eraser A/P Herbicide

The book tells me to use up to 5 quarts Eraser A/P 41% per acre mixed in the tank sprayer with 3-20 gallon of water to control Bahia. That’s a huge range. How do I figure if I should apply with just 3 gallons of water per acre or as much as 20?


The water volume used or needed when applying Eraser A/P or other herbicides, depends on the density of the weeds that are being sprayed, and the type of equipment that is being used. Most customers do not have the type of equipment that can provide adequate low volume coverage like is indicated in the 3 gallon per acre rate. On average, most will use between 20-40 gallons of water per acre, sometimes more, to make sure you get sufficient coverage over the target weeds when broadcasting the acreage. The standard application volume for post emergent treatments is a gallon of water to every 1000 sq/ft you intend to spray over. 

Answer last updated on: 04/01/2021

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