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By DoMyOwn staff

Mosquitoes are not only bothersome, they can carry disease. Manage the mosquito population in your yard and around your property using the professional grade products from DoMyOwn. Watch the videos below to learn how you can manage mosquitoes in the lawn yourself.

How to Get Rid of & Kill Mosquitoes in the Yard
Mosquitoes can spread diseases and generally be a nuisance in your yard - follow these steps to get rid of them.
How to Reduce the Risk of Disease Spreading Mosquitoes
Learn the basics of what you can do to reduce the risk of disease spreading mosquitoes around your property.
Getting Rid of Where Mosquitoes Breed and Lay Eggs
Make sure to get rid of water sources that can become home for mosquito larvae or use a larvicide.
Mosquito Spray Yard Treatment
Learn how to effectively apply mosquito spray in your yard.