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David from Palmyra Pa. Moving To Myrtle Beach Sc. writes

Moving from Penna. to Myrtle Beach SC.

I was set up for treating bugs in Pa. but have no idea what to expect in South Carolina. I sprayed 4 times a year in Pa. inside and out with Demand CS and never had a spider in the house. Before I started treating we had wolf spiders, thousand letters, carpentry bees, stink bugs and other misc. spiders. Every now and then I had specific pest like large ants, grubs that I would purchase items just for them. Will the Demand SC be a good all around spray for Myrtle Beach. Also we have 3 Corgi pups and I would spray the grass area they played and never got a tic off of them and we were surrounded by woods. At the new place in S.C. we will only have a 1/4 acre lot and the house is built on a slab no basement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We love your site and products


Congratulations on your new home! Demand CS is still a great product for you to use for the pests you have listed except for grubs in the lawn. We also now have a generic called Cyzmic CS which actually has a little better initial kill at a lower price. These products are both safe for pets once the application is dry. Spraying quarterly is still a great place to start, keeping in mind that you may need to spray once or twice more in the summer time, especially if you have long periods with a lot of rainfall. Be sure to check our our Pest Control Guides for articles and products on how to Identify, Inspect, Treat, and Prevent many of the most common household pests.

Answer last updated on: 05/20/2018

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