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Clayton from St George, Ut writes

I need advice for a newbie with German cockroaches.

We live in a brand new home in southern Utah. We keep it meticulously clean and never see live roaches indoors. Our professional pest control only sprayed the baseboards and outside. They've been mostly unhelpful and I'd like to try it myself. We have no clutter indoors and the baseboards are all sealed with caulk (except for under cabinets) We've seen a few dead roaches indoors and there are lots of live roaches in the garage, where its very cluttered and we have an outdoor refrigerator. I've read your info and watched the videos, but I'm uncertain what I really need to get started. If I understand, I need to spray outdoors including door entries and windows. I should spray around the unsealed cabinet under refrigerator and dishwasher. Do I need to use bait and IGR indoors, since it seems unlikely we have roach infestation there? I never see them scurrying around when the lights are turned on. I think the four or five we've found indoors are just entering from the outside and dying from lack of food In the garage, where I can't realistically remove clutter, should I just use the bait and IGR? From what I read spraying insecticide would prevent them from taking the bait. I'm also unclear on the role of using dusts and roach bait traps. If I'm using the other methods are these needed? I would appreciate your advice on these matters. Thanks


We would recommend spraying Bifen IT mixed with Gentrol IGR. This can be sprayed indoors and outdoors. The residual outdoors is up to 30 days outdoors and 90 days indoors.  Indoors your will spray around the baseboards and cracks and crevices. Outdoors, you can spray around the perimeter of the home, broadcast across the lawn, on trees, on flowers, etc. It should not be sprayed on edibles.

If you are wanting to use a bait, Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait gel is a wonderful bait. This will be placed in places where you cannot spray, such as inside drawers, in cabinets, on counters, under the refrigerator.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Answer last updated on: 08/26/2014

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