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Scott from Asheville Nc writes

I need a product to attempt to rid the outside of my home of carpenter bees. Would you advise Talstar aerosol?

Should I just spray into the drilled holes?


You can use Talstar as a residual. However, We have a carpenter bee kit that is our most popular product(s) for carpenter bee control.  The kit comes with a dust and a hand duster to apply in the existing holes.  The dust will kill any carpenter bees that are in the holes and will kill the larvae when they hatch.  After a few days all of the adult carpenter bees that are in the holes will die.  You can patch the holes at this point.  The kit also comes with a liquid concentrate that you mix with water and apply using a one gallon hand pump sprayer.  You should treat all of the fascia boards or any surfaces that the carpenter bees seem to be going after.  This will prevent any new holes.  When a carpenter bee lands on the wood surface to make a new hole, it will pick up the product you sprayed on its body and die when it grooms itself.  Carpenter bees are only around for a short time in the spring, and then again in the fall.  You will have to apply both times of the year and then after 2 seasons there will not be any more larvae in the wood and the woodpecker activity should subside.

Answer last updated on: 06/12/2013

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