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Anonymous from Central Florida writes

Need quick kill for Crabgrass in St.Agustine?

Please recommend a product.


Unfortunately their is not a selective product that will remove crabgrass from St. Augustine.  St. Augustine is a very fragile grass, and so most selective products that are labeled to remove crabgrass and not your real grass, will hurt the St. Augustine.  It is recommended to kill the crabgrass with a round up type product, like Ranger Pro, which will also kill just the St. Augustine around the crabgrass that it is sprayed on, and then a couple weeks later re-seed those areas with new St. Augustine. 

Ranger Pro:

For long term control though, you should apply a pre-emergent in the late fall and early spring which will prevent new crabgrass from coming up next year.  If you apply pre-emergent every year, you should not have issues with crabgrass long term.  Barricade is one of our most popular pre-emergents for crabgrass. 


Answer last updated on: 10/10/2012

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