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Dale from New Braunfels, Texas writes

Need to know which would work best for residual outdoor "Scorpion" control, Imidicloprid or Fipronil?

I have used Bifenthrin but only get a few weeks max outdoors, similar with Cypermethrin.........both working very well indoors but not outdoors.......residual wise...... You have a couple products in each catagory...........I do not mind using "Generic" products with equal AI...........


Neither Imidacloprid or Fipronil would be good products for scorpions.  Imidacloprid and fipronil based products are really intended for social insects like ants and termites, and since they do not have much of a knockdown at all, they are not recommended for scorpion control.  They would not have the power to kill a scorpion with their residual control.  Our most popular product for scorpions is Cy-Kick CS, which is microencapsulated so it has a long residual, but also packs a punch.  There are many good reviews on the Cy-Kick page about how it works on scorpions.  We would recommend trying this product instead of an imidacloprid or fipronil product.

Answer last updated on: 03/04/2012

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