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Ashley from Dekalb Illinois writes

New bed, products to finish getting rid of bed bugs

We are already planning on getting a new bed and mattress and found bed bugs. We switched our bed for the one in our guest room and threw ours out. How can we treat our bedroom before bringing in the new bed after washing all clothing and getting new bed linen?


We would highly recommend using one of our Bed Bug Kits. You can determine which one you want to use by how many rooms you plan to treat. Most of our customers go with at least Bed Bug Kit #2 to make sure you have enough product on hand if you are treating 1-2 rooms. Each kit comes with enough product to treat the designated amount of rooms, 4-5 times which is the rough amount of treatments needed to eliminate the bed bugs. Every home is different though and it can take longer, which is why you want to treat with the products within the kit every 7-10 days until you can go 30 days in a row with no bites or signs of live bedbugs. At that point (which is on average that 4-5 treatment point) you should be completely rid of the pests in that room. The kits come with a full instruction guide on application and comes with products to use in each area of the room you need to treat as not every product can be used in all the places that bed bugs hide. Make sure to focus your treatments on tiny cracks and crevices and not big open areas as bed bugs will not be found in large open spaces. The biggest key to successfully eliminate bed bugs is to be very diligent with your retreatments, and to be meticulous and extremely thorough with your applications each time. 

Answer last updated on: 02/15/2015

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