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William writes

Nozzle recommendations and best practices when applying Bora-Care in cold weather

Hi there, Question 1: I will be spraying Bora Care on round logs the literature mentions a medium to coarse fan spray at 30-40psi Can you please elaborate? What is the best nozzle angle for logs? 90°? 110°? or 135°? Can you give a value for the medium to coarse spray? Does this mean the droplets need to be large? Can you recommend a specific nozzle? For example a Teejet nozzle with model number? What is the recommended distance between spray wand and log? Question 2: I see that this product cannot be applied in below freezing temperatures. If I heat the space to above freezing how long do I need to continue to heat the space to ensure the product does not freeze while still freshly in the wood? Or does feezing temperature only matter when the product is being applied be not to drying time.


In general, the questions you are asking are a bit of an overthink on how to use this product. Boracare can be sprayed, painted/brushed, or rolled onto wood and should be done so in a way that the wood surface is wet but not dripping the product off. The angle of spray, nozzle pattern, droplet size, and distance make no difference. If you will be applying in freezing temperatures its best to hold off on the Boracare application as the cold could inhibit it from penetrating into the wood fully and correctly. Ideally you would need the air temperatures and wood to not be frozen even if the Boracare solution itself is warm. If you have any additional questions about the application of the Boracare you can always call Nisus directly at 800-264-0870.

Answer last updated on: 01/29/2021

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