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L. from Las Vegas, Nevada writes

Onslaught versus Demand, Cykick or Cyzmic for Scorpions

To eliminate scorpions, is Onslaught the strongest, most effective insecticide to spray indoors and out? My treatments have included Demand, Cysmic and Cykick CS and Aerosol (aerosol for knockdown and cracks and crevices) and now am hearing about Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion insecticide and wonder if it is stronger or the strongest. My thought is, if I'm spending money on insecticide and investing time to treat my home to ward off these horrible scorpions that I fear, I want the most effective product on the market. I'd rather purchase and concentrate on the best! Thanks.


The Onslaught FastCap would definitely be the best option for your needs. It is specifically formulated to better target spiders and scorpions with a more thorough and long lasting coverage for these hard to kill pests. Keep in mind, no matter what product you are using for scorpions, you have to create a wider barrier for them than any other pest around your home. For general insects you would treat with a barrier around the foundation 2 feet up and 2 feet out. With scorpions you should be doing 2-3 feet up and 6-10 feet out on the ground. Also make sure to treat any landscape areas around your home that they would be prone to hiding in ie: mulch, bark, landscape timbers, rocks etc. You can review more information for protecting your home from scorpions in our article on Scorpion Control.

Answer last updated on: 05/19/2013

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