Possum Traps

Opossums, or possums as most of us call them, are scavengers that can sift through garbage, gorge on pet food, and raid bird feeders. While this is about as much damage as they cause, they can be huge annoyances. Opossum traps make it easy to capture nuisance possums and remove them from your area.  We sell many styles of live catch cage style animal traps for humane animal control

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A professional live trap for skunks, opossums and other similar sized animals, and features an easy rear release door.
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The Original Series Rigid Live Trap with One Trap Door--extra long for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.
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Live animal traps have a Space Saving Design ideal for easy storage.
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Model 604.5 Original Series Rigid Live Trap with One Trap Door and Easy Release Door for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.
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A Professional Series Live Trap with One Trap Door--extra long for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.
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Very compact and ideal for skunks -- the size prevents most skunks from raising their tails. Also good for catching opossums and prarie dog and similar animals.
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Model 204 Original Series Collapsible Live Trap with One Trap Door for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.
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A multi-purpose converter trap extender for all 7" x 7" traps and to convert the trap to a positive set trap.
Quick View Wilco Skunk/Opossum Lure (91003)
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A specially-made lure that attracts opossums and skunks to live traps.

About Possum Trapping

Possums don’t usually cause much damage, but they can be very annoying since they scavenge for food, much like raccoons. Having several in your area can also contribute to the spread of fleas to your outdoor pets. Opossums are often considered furbearers, and nuisance possums can be taken at any time. They can also be hunted during the appropriate season with the proper license. However, make sure you know the laws in your area. You may have to have a trapping license or alert your department of natural resources if you have trapped a possum.

How To Trap A Possum

Possums are not wary of traps, and can be easily captured with simple techniques. Keep in mind that once a possum is trapped, you must decide to shoot it or release it. Releasing it may be difficult because of laws and ordinances in your area, so be prepared before you begin your trapping efforts.

  • Traps should be at least 10x10x32 or 10x10x42 if it is a two-door trap.
  • Set traps where you’ve seen opossums frequent, out of the way of the public and shaded from direct sunlight. Make sure the trap is on level ground.
  • Cover the top and sides of at least half the trap with a towel or cloth, which will protect the trapped animal from the elements and also help to reduce stress on the animal.
  • Using dirt, leaves, and grass to cover the bottom of the trap can make it more discrete and less suspicious to the opossum.
  • Sardines, wet or dry cat food, fish oil, and table scraps work well as bait, but also attract cats and dogs. Sweet baits, like molasses, honey, marshmallows, apples, pears, and bananas also work great for attracting possums and these baits are far less likely to attract pets.
  • Make sure not to place a trap within a foot of any structure or anything on your property. Trapped possums (and most trapped animals) will reach through the trap and destroy anything they can reach, including siding, wires, grass, etc.
  • To add even more success to your trapping, use multiple traps and vary the bait you use in each trap.
  • Don’t forget to use other methods of possum control, especially sealing up your home to ensure possums can’t access your home, and reduce other areas that could offer shelter. Make sure there is no other food available to the possums, like pet food and water, bird seed (bird feeders should not be hanging from trees), and that garbage cans are well sealed.

Picture of an Opossum Caught in a Trap

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