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    Ant no more

    By J on 04/16/2015

    Termidor SC was recommended to me by a professional pest control service and I tried it and it was the only product I will ever use from now on.

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    leaky packaging issue

    By George on 08/02/2020

    To the attention of someone with the authority to take corrective action: Regarding my experience with my recent order from DoMyOwn of your “Outdoor Ant Kit,” you have a packaging issue. The seal on the Advion packets is faulty. When my order arrived, the shipping carton was spilling white powder. When I opened it, I found the entire contents coated in white powder. Upon further investigation I found that the Advion packets had not been properly sealed and were spilling their contents everywhere. I called DoMyOwn Customer Service to report the issue and your rep. kindly arranged for a replacement to be shipped to me. However, when I suggested placing the Advion package inside a zip-lock plastic bag to guard against a similar mishap, my request seemed to fall on deaf ears. May I make two suggestions: 1) audit the process of packaging/repackaging Advion into 0.33 oz. foil packs to see where the failure occurs. My suspicion is that, while filling, some of the powder wafts up onto the mating surfaces of the seal, preventing it from adhering fully. 2) place the box containing the Advion foil packs into a zip-lock or otherwise sealed plastic bag to guard against dispersing the product all over the place should the seal fail. Thank you for your careful consideration of this matter. Take care, and be well. George Knoedl

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    Worked somewhat well

    By Louis on 10/27/2020

    Bought this because I had multiple ant species taking over my backyard, patio, garage, and moving in to my kitchen. I live in Central Florida and anyone who lives here knows that ants are the biggest nuisance. Anyway, the Advion wdg spray worked well and knock all of the ants back substantially. However, as expected, some of them survived. 48hrs after applying Advion I set out all 12 of the "ants-no-more" bait stations with the quantum gel and the granules. None of the stations ever appeared busy and the ants seemed to disregard them. The stations were out for several days before I proceeded with my next treatment. After a few days of having the stations out, I did another band treatment using Bifen IT at the higher use rate and I have not seen a single ant, spider, centipede, or wasp since I sprayed it. Ultimately, I would buy the Advion and Bifen IT again rather than the entire kit since the bait stations didn't work for me. Perhaps I should have baited the ants for the first few days and then applied the Advion. Regardless, I don't have an ant problem anymore.

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    Food for Raccoons

    By Gerald on 09/04/2016

    The Termidore SC chemical spray and the Maxforce gel worked (I assume) but the Advance 375A granules put out in the bait traps didn't last one night - the raccoons found them all and ate the tasty contents, destroying some of the traps. I thought perhaps the damn raccoons would henceforth die, so after one week I put down the remainder of the bottle in the remaining traps and, you guessed it, they did it again. So the Advance 375A is just food for raccoons, nothing more. Last year I put down the Advance Carpenter Ant Bait and did not notice any of the traps violated, so I will likely buy that again. Any suggestions?

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    So Far, So Good

    By Mark on 09/19/2016

    The products that arrived were exactly as advertised. I have completed the treatment and have not seen any ants (or any other bugs) since. It has only been a week or so, but I am hopeful that this kit replaces my 16 year relationship with Clarks.

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)