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Outdoor / Indoor Ant Kit

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    Some of it works well

    By Wanbing on 08/30/2019

    The ants in our yard seems not interested in the protein baits in bait station. Maybe they have problem to find them. The Taurus spray seems to work. However, it seems does not last long. After a few days, the ants come out and ruin my lemon trees again by raising white flies there.

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    Worked great in less than 48 hrs

    By Pete on 07/07/2020

    I used the Advion gel inside 2 weeks ago - my brother told me to try it out. It got rid of about 80% of the ants. I then ordered the indoor/outdoor kid as I was impressed by the Advion gel he gave me. I put down the granular bait around the outside - not in the provided bait stations - just a little here, a little there. I have had issues in the past with squirrels tearing up bait stations. Then I sprayed a gallon of the Advion concentrate around the outside. Within 2 days I see no more inside ants, not even stragglers. I put a little Max gel in my pantry, not much. Great stuff!

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)